(idm) KROMODE FILE 01: Bochum Welt, Kim Cascone, Andy (BlueVertigo), Masanori Ajoika

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Sent Sun, Dec 27th 1998, 21:38

full ordering details at www.bochumwelt.com.

The latest release on Gianluigi di Costanzo’s KROMODE imprint is a 4 track
compilation composed, produced, released and distributed entirely
digitally. Utilizing technology developed by Thomas Dolby’s Headspace , the
four featured artists deliver CD quality digital audio tracks playable
through the listener’s web browser. Choosing to bypass the lossy
compression and large file sizes of MP3’s, Headspace’s Beatnik technology
produces high fidelity tracks with incredibly small file sizes. Available
only directly from KROMODE via email, the $6 compilation includes one
exclusive track each from Bochum Welt (Rephlex, Sony Japan), Andy
(BlueVertigo: Sony, Columbia), Masanori Ajioka (TRACE-Japan) and Kim
Cascone (Silent, Rastermusic, Headspace). Tracks styles span the range from
new-wave romantic electro to ambient soundscapes, with consistent quality
being the unifying thread. 

        Andy                          andyreminds  
        Bochum Welt                  submodules  
        Masanori Ajioka          cash#2  
        Kim Cascone                  endcredits_nektar  

The tracks are shipped in an HTML multimedia wrapper communicating artist
bio and track info. Bypassing conventional physical media and standard
distribution altogether to keep costs low, FILE01 is emailed to customers
in a compressed archive once payment is received.


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