From Legion
Sent Wed, Aug 12th 1998, 21:42

Kurt Dwight Bleach wrote:
> I've got a Dark Star, which I use with a Doepfer system. It can be
> pretty cool, but personally I find it a little hard to get useful sounds
> out of it (although I'll freely admit it could be operator error--I
> haven't really put a lot of time into fully experimenting with it). To
> me, it often sounds like a cheesy early 80's video game--which I mean in
> a good way. (Actually, I think it's based around a TI video game chip).

The important thing to remeber when messing with something like the Dark
Star is is is *not* designed to make standard sounds. In a way that's
it's stong point IMO  but if you're tyring to get a VCO type wave or
something a bit more mainstream it might not fit.

The great thing about it is it's a voltage controlled Noise source. I've
easily got good 'ol  white/colored noise type sounds from it straight
without other modules or processing. It gets even more interesting when
you mess with the quirky filter and built in envelop as well as the
"VCO" and other stuff. I too use one in a doepfer system and I think it
adds a unique angle to a modular setup. I'd tend to say the Boss PC2 is
more video gamish than the dark Star while the DS is more varied and
"noise" oriented. It does waves of sound quite nice as well as the
chirps and such.

> That's kind of like saying "I'm debating the advantages of getting a
> Dalmation versus a trampoline." If you go modular, though, I'd recommend
> checking out the Doepfer. It's by far the cheapest (even cheaper than
> the MOTM--and it comes fully assembled), it's amazingly flexible and
> sounds great.

Ditto on this one! Doepfer hands down has the lowest cost of any modular
system in production and there is nothing worng with the units in any
way. sopme poepl might want more from a module here and there but in
reality they are totally stright forward and fuctional and some do have
some wonderful whistles and bells built in. Plus Doepfer has an
incredible module selection from standard stuff to the *very* wacky and
all of that is equally affordable and has new stuff coming out all the
time. There are some wonderful new instruments out there but nothing
else comes close to the cost and flexiblity of a custom Doepfer system

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