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>let us take a moment to redirect all our jealousy and hostility towards hans
>zimmer, owner of the worlds largest roland system 100m, moog modular and
>polyfusion, among other things im sure. Hans _uses_ everything he has, as opposed to letting things
sit around and rot. As an example, when Metlay visited him last year, he
had an OB-MX laying around, and pointed out that he didn't like it, and
would get rid of it in the future. Now, if Hans were some synth-hoarder,
he'd be greedily hanging onto that box. But that's not the case.
        True, Zimmer has a wall o' Moog/Roland/Polyfusion...but it all sees
action. You can't say the same for someone who shrinkwraps and boxes-up
useful equipment. And personally, my heart goes out to _anyone_ who can
handle a modular that eff-ing big!

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