Re: [AH] Modular Synth Beginner Needs Help!

From Peake
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 00:47

>OK, about five people have reccomended the MOTM, so I'll sure to look at
>them when I have some more money. Right now, I'm more interested in hearing
>more opinions on the Paia 2700 and Roland Sys 100, since they're the only
>complete systems I can get in my budget ($500) I do plan to expand to better
>units such as the MOTM, but for now, I just want a solid starting block.
>Thanks for all the replies so far!

Hi John, welcome to the list.

Avoid the PAIA for many reasons:
-pitch drift and awful tracking
-noise and potential 60hz hum
-bad design and hardware

The Roland should be stable and not give you any problems, and it's 
fairly patchable. It will also have the extremely popular Roland sound.
Add a PAIA to that if you want to at a later time (but you should get
RS, Doepfer, Frostwave, MOTM stuff long before that!)


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