Re: [AH] New Doepfer modules

From John P
Sent Sun, Oct 19th 2003, 17:46

Doepfer modules are much smaller than Moog.  They also use mini plugs 
instead of Moog's standard 1/4" phone plugs.  Doepfer uses the 1v/octave 
standard, that's about it.  You wouldn't stick a Doepfer module in a 
Moog cabinet, you'd have adapter cords running between Moog and Doepfer 
cabinets, each with their own power supply.

Bill Sautter wrote:
> They have some very cool modules.
> I don't know too much about Doepfer. Are the compatible with Moog 
> CV-wise? (In other words, could I stick a Doepfer module in a Moog 
> modular system and have it plug & play?