4 voice and midi

From Chris Whitten
Sent Tue, Apr 8th 1997, 02:06

Here is an alternative that I have been utilising for two years. 
I have cv and gate inputs on the back panel of the 4 voice. I'm controlling
the synth via a Doepfer MCV8. The Doepfer is a beast with a very confusing
operating system so I leave it set up for the 4 voice. The brilliant thing
about the MCV8 is that it allows you to play all four voices polyphonically
in real time. I'm not sure if the Pro 4 can do that... I maybe wrong. I
often use the 4 voice as 4 seperate synths and occasionally get into chord
playing. There are a few things which I would like to improve in the set
up, maybe Kevin has a solution, I no longer have portamento from the 4
voice. Also I've lost the  voice selection feature which when set to odd
groups gives you very interesting panning effects.
I think Doepfer have upgraded the MCV8 for an MCV12 (I hope they've sorted
out the screen etc...) and I reccomend you check it out although I have had
a lot satisfaction from my Kenton converters.