Re: [AH] NAMM 2006 report

From Bionaut
Sent Thu, Jan 26th 2006, 14:50

jfm3 wrote...

>Sounds exactly like a Doepfer Schaltwerk, but the Schaltwerk has DIN
>sync in, 24 CV/GATE outs, and a big huge control surface.

the zeit has some similarities to the schaltwerk, but in fact should be
much more than that. currently, it does not offer din or cv/gate, so it
does not have that part of the schaltwerk beat. din and cv/gate were
planned originally, but removed from the design, and may appear as an
additional module sometime in the future, as far as i understand. it is
a huge control surface, however, and a great deal of planning has gone
into the interface.

the zeit should offer something new for the sequencer crowd. hopefully,
the interface and functionality will make a device that will truly be a
performance instrument suitable for extended improvisation based on well
organized, easily re-called compositional elements. basically, it can be
looked at as a device with one knob or button for everything. very
little paging through menus to do anything important.

one key feature of the zeit will be an os that can be updated by midi.
this will be an important feature as something as complex as this will
evolve over time. also, the man behind the zeit is an exceedingly caring
and trustworthy gentleman. perhaps the real reason the zeit has taken so
long to be released is that the creator is hell-bent on getting it
right. in the long run, that should pay dividends.

i have been following the development very closely for quite some time,
and my zeit is on the workbench as we speak getting the finishing
touches. i'll be happy to share my first impressions once it is
delivered, and hopefully will have it down in new york for live work
before the winter is over.