Re: creative use of CV

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Sat, Sep 30th 1995, 19:51

> > the
> >   x0x-boxes and connect this pin to the gate. +5V means 'start', 0V means
> >   'stop'. Am I right?
> I thought it was 10V, but who knows :)  You can also use a flip-flop with 

MAybe some specs tell 10V, but my doepfer gear does 5V and
I just did test it's output. All roland gear I know
runs from 5 V and isn't the Roland x0x serie defining sync itself ? :-)

> some sort of semiconductor switch so a "note on" means run, and the next 
> "note on" will flip the flip flop back to stop it.  There are all sorts 
> of semiconductor switches, I'm not an expert on any of them, but I'm sure 
> a cheap transistor can do the job.  The run/start signal that is already 
> on (from whatever device it is synced to) can probably used for power.
I find the different way round even more interesting.
Starting by trigering. I am working on that.
GEt a circuit that stays on if the input gate is on, but shortly
brakes this state to go down to 0V shortly and rise back in kind
of a inverted triggering way. This will cause a 202 e.g. to start
up again.
Now get this effect started by a usual trigger (like the 909 rim etc)
and you cen get any sequence of any lenght looked to a running system.

I have no idea though, how to get this inverted triggering.
I'll work on that and let you know.


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