Re: Roland System 100M

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Mon, Mar 20th 1995, 16:02

> >
> >>well this will make you sick my friend scored 2600 for $300 and its pissing
> >>me off, I have to wait till the weekend to play it.
> >
> ><gasp!> <sob!> Does your friend *know* what he has happened upon? If not,
> >maybe you should offer $400.... :)
> >
> To make you sicker,
> I have a friend who stumbled on one, offered the guy $500 and it became
> his.  And he already had the 2600 used to make the helicopter effects in
> "Apocalypse Now."
I am jealous.

But to make you even more sick,

I had a 2600 deal going a few weeks ago and we already talked about how
hw would ship it to me for the aggreed 500$ when a local buyer took it
away. Maybe it was him- Arghhhh! Was it the S.F area ?


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