RE: [AH] RE: Survey, age

From _ah
Sent Tue, Oct 14th 2003, 04:56

The Roland System 700 has normalling of signal and control paths on
the main block with normalization of the keyboard, gate, and trigger
signals to the additional blocks.  There are two keyboard inputs.  The
one on the back goes to all the blocks while the one on the front,
when enabled only drives the main block.  It is very confusing if you
don't have a manual.

Oh, and for the survey, I'm 41.  I have modular stuff from Moog,
Polyfusion, MOTM, .COM, ARP, Serge, Blacet, EMS, Roland, Doepfer,
Fenix, and Buchla.  Other analog and digital synths from the usual
suspects and never enough time to play.


John Loffink writes:
 > Is the full Roland System 700 normalized, or just the base cabinet?
 > John Loffink