[AH] WTT: sketchy A.Sys mixer and A.Sol hihat modules

From royce
Sent Fri, Dec 3rd 2004, 16:12

hi folks,
if anybody handy out there is interested:
i have an analogue systems mixer module that is not
working in my a.sol case.  i'm not sure why.  i traded
it on analogue heaven a while back and i'm sure it
wasn' broken when i got it.  i don't know how to test

i have an a.sol hihat module that works.  it just
doesn' sound like an 808 hihat. . . a bit "harsh".  I
think that is the way it came.  it has a "noise"
output as well.

I'm interested in trading for a doepfer Wasp filter,
or some other filter or a vca's.


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