[AH] FS/FT Roland MKS-80

From Robert Verberkmoes
Sent Sun, Jan 3rd 1999, 02:49

Well, I had a deal set on my MKS-80, but the buyer disappeared... I've
already mentally said goodbye to it, its boxed up and ready to go out.
Exc. cond. w/ manual and memory cartridge.  Cash, I'd like to see $875
(which is pretty firm).  Trade? Hmmmm... howzabout:

the following + cash from your end

Korg MS-20
Oberheim SEM
Doepfer MAQ 16/3

or, the following + cash from my end

Akai MPC-2000
Waldorf Microwave XT
TC Electronics Fireworx
Roland System 100m

...drop me a line if you're interested.