Re: [AH] Re: new toys for this year (was FW: korg ms2000)

From Andrew Parker
Sent Fri, Feb 4th 2000, 13:10

Well I dont have any Polysynths yet, I sorta manage by linking up all my
mono sources and detuning etc :). Which uses up a lot of gear. The QMF
(Sherman Quad Modular Filter, for J.Johnson's info) will be an extra "Sound

I may well look into selling my MS20 and SQ10 to partly fund this.

So my polysynth options at the moment are, QRack or maybe an Andromeda once
I make a hearing judgement on it and see the price ;)

Oh as for the sound card bit, I dont use a computer for music, I'll usually
play in a polyphonic line manually everything is sequenced or triggered by
hardware sequencers (multiple Doepfer A155's and SQ10)


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Subject: [AH] Re: new toys for this year (was FW: korg ms2000)

> On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Andrew Parker wrote:
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> >Holy cow im gonna be skint this year :)
> >QMF. Andromeda and now this.....
> >What else is to come I wander ?
> basically qmf pretty much removes the need for a lot of larger synths
> around nowadays. i know the arrival of mine will set my direction in
> having a lot more simple, old analogue boxes in my studio, and extending
> their capabilities through qmf.
> who needs a $3000 specialized synth with superduperspecs, when you can
> have cubase or your sound card providing the digital effects and let the
> qmf manage all things possible while using your micromoog or any other
> little skronk box imaginable.
> although a pc, a studio card, a qmf and a moog alone cost ~$6000. perhaps
> i missed a point here :)
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