RE: [AH] New Serge M-odules released: 'Klangzeit' and 'Mayhem'

From Hans Greuber
Sent Tue, Aug 26th 2008, 16:49


I guess they would be better than the terrible animal panel that I had and =
decided to sell 5 minutes later

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> Date: Tue=2C 26 Aug 2008 19:26:03 +0300
> Subject: [AH] New Serge M-odules released: 'Klangzeit' and 'Mayhem'
> hello=2C
> two new Serge M-odules have been released:
> the "Mayhem" (1700 USD) a great m-odule that its actually a mini-synth in=
 itself that can do lots of stuff!=20
> it contains a DTG module (Dual Transient Generator) an SSG (Smooth and St=
epped generator) module=2C a Random Source module (includes pink and white =
Noise and S/H source outs=2C S/H outs=2C plus pulse and smooth and stepped =
outputs)=2C and a VCACOMP module (a Comparator plus a DC-coupled VCA ).
> the "Klangzeit" (3100 USD) it's an m-odule for warping sound in various w=
ays. it includes a Frequency Shifter module=2C a Wilson Analog Delay module=
=2C an XFAD module (audio crossfader plus vca) and a C/O module that is act=
ually a manual Trigger gen=2C plus a linear and an exponential Attenuator.
> thanks=2C
> Bakis.
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