Re: [AH] newbie once again

From alt-mode
Sent Mon, Jan 16th 2006, 04:01

Hi Henry,

You are in luck!  The 1/8" modular market is probably the largest and 
has some of the greatest values.  Doepfer, Analogue Systems, Analogue 
Solutions, Blacet, Wiard, EAR-Group, Paia and some of the new offerings 
from Cynthia and MOTM in 1/8" format will easily interface to your ARP 

I do recommend that you stay with one jack format to avoid adapters and 
conversion panels.  Lots of choices.  You might want to take a look at for pointers to all the manufacturers. 
Its a great time to be into modular synths!


henry birdseye wrote:
> Hi. I'm new to the list. I've had an ARP2600 since 1973 and I'm looking 
> to get into synthesis once again after a lengthy hiatus.
> I kinda wanted to get an idea of what format of modules are most popular 
> with you guys. I want to get my 2600 back up to speed and expand it with 
> more modules. There are some pretty snappy modules out there but I want 
> to pick a format that will give me most flexibility. Different people 
> swear by Cynthias, MOTMs and Blacets but which one is for me? I need help.