Re: [AH] Why Moog Modulars were/are expensive pains/junk

From Mark Pulver
Sent Sun, May 30th 1999, 15:51 (03:36 PM 5/29/99) wrote:

 > writes:
 ><< I will not waste my time explaining to you how your comparision amounts to
 > pitting a Model T against a Corvette, why the crude thirty-year old VCO
 > design and other circuitry was the best that technology could offer at the
 > time, why the Model 55s and 921s did not exist in 1969, why specs and an
 > owner's manual are only as good as the cover of the book, why components
 > were more expensive in 1969, etc.... >>
 >I am amazed at how often I see someone make an initial post and then get
 >attacked by a bunch of people who don't seem to address his main point.

Given the fact that this was obviously a troll, and given the fact that he 
has a previous history of trolling for kicks here, I will say that in my 
case, I said just what I felt that he deserved to hear.

He may well of had a serious point, but in the process of getting to it, he 
tossing out enough flippant statements to (in my opinion) overshadow 
whatever he really wanted to know.

That may very will be a hoddy toddy high-brow attitude, and if it's seen 
that way then so be it.

I personally don't do trolls to any real depth. I applaud Mike Peake for 
taking the time to actually hit his other points.

 >When someone says they just bought
 >a Moog modular for $18,000, I too have to wonder about the sanity of that
 >person.  There are better choices now, and even if you don't like any of the
 >current modulars, there are better used choices such as Polyfusion.

Personally, I don't agree.

In my opinion The Moog Modular that's up on Auction Soup is a steal at what 
it's reserve price is, (no, I won't let this out), and if I had the cash, I 
would buy it in 1/2 a heartbeat. Even given that there may be a significant 
amount of restoration cost required on top of the initial outlay.

Yes, it's a big number, yes when you break it down to components it because 
a VERY expensive block of oscillators and filters. But (warning: small, 
repeatable soapbox coming) it's about the sound and the feel and the 
history. While I could drop the same amount of cash into a HUGE Doepfer or 
Polyfusion system, and get many more modules, for *ME* that's not what it's 

Other people may get more mileage from other ways of looking at it.