Re: [AH] What synths do Meat Beat Manifesto use? Aphex Twin?

From Asher Bond
Sent Wed, Nov 25th 1998, 02:40

`FUTURE MUSIC', Issue 72, August '98
By: Danny Scott. Titled: "Meat Feast"


Akai S1100 and S3200 samplers
Apple Mac Quadra 950 running Pro Tools, Logic Audio and ReCycle!
ARP 2500 & 2600
Buchla 200
EMS VCS3 modular synth
E-mu e4K and EMAX samplers
Genelec monitors
Lexicon PCM80/70
Lexicon 20/20 A-to-D converter
Mackie 56-channel
Mackie 1604-VLZ
Oberheim Xpander
Roland 100M
Roland Jupiter 4 & Jupiter 8
Roland VP-330 vocoder
Summit, DBX & BSS compressors
Various shortwave radios

- Asher Bond