Re: [AH] analog modular w/ d-g-t-l CV's

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Fri, Jul 25th 2008, 22:42

all these seem great Paul!

will we see them in Frac rac format please?

best regards,

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Subject: Re: [AH] analog modular w/ d-g-t-l CV's

> Hang on about 2 months, and here will come the first types of 
> digital-mostly modules :)
> a) MOTM-730 VC Divider: I'm shipping the 2nd production beta unit today 
> for 1 more torture test before production release.
> b) MOTM-520/521 Cloud Generator/Programmer&Expander: all R&D done, doing 
> pcb CAD and some sheet metal work. Got LCDs in this week.
> c) MOTM-102 Digital Noise/cascaded S&H with VC Delay taps: preliminary R&D 
> done, still thinking about best processor to use
> We have also done early R&D on a new type of VCO (sort of a mini-Cloud) 
> using a brand new DSP chip and are snooping around
> certain Yamaha (expired) patents (cough).
> Paul Schreiber
> Synthesis Technology