[AH] Re: Best Modular Company (a biased responce)

From Darwin Grosse
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 19:56

> From: redacted@example.com
> Subject: [AH] Best Modular Company?
> In your opinion, which of the major modular synth companies (Doepfer,
> Analogue Systems UK, Technosaurus, Wiard, MOTM) is the best
> in terms of value, build quality, sound quality, and customer
> support? [...]

Frankly, I (like others) don't think there is a "best" company out there.
However, I would like to toss the Wiard Synthesizer Company's name into the
hat (disclaimer -- I am now a principal in the Wiard Synthesizer Company, so
I'm biased -- OK?).

The Wiard modules are relatively expensive -- but I think still a good
value.  They stand alone (i.e., they don't require proprietary rack and
busing hardware) and combine a number of functions into each module.  For
example, the Waveform City contains a true analog oscillator, a digital
waveshaper (with EPROM-based shapes), an envelope (AR), a VCA and a jack

Additionally, the Wiard modules are based on all-new designs and circuitry.
Grant (Richter, designer and Wiard master-blaster) is an incredible
board-burning talent.  He's finishing up a few more designs (two more
modules as well as the first units in the 1200 series), and is constantly
tweaking the current models.  His designs (as well as ideas) are wild, and
we generally prototype at least two new circuits each month...

Build and sound quality are hughly subjective, but I'd say that the Wiard
system definately holds its own.  I'm not sure that there are any other
modular that are completely self-standing and can be individually powered
(this was done to allow people to buy into a modular one unit at a time).

> From: Mike Peake <redacted@example.com>
> Subject: Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?
> The Wiard is really intruiging... Grant is really
> knowledgeable, and I'm
> told that the gear rocks. There are some impressive audio files on the
> site. The gear is almost a work of art. The features are
> almost singular.

Thanks Mike!  The audio files are down right now -- complete website revamp.
They'll be back on-line in a few days.  Grant and I take the "look" of the
system very seriously -- as well as the feature list.  I, personally, want a
modular system to be a serious, long-term instrument -- more like a violin
than a kazoo.

> From: "Trip Lizard" <redacted@example.com>
> Subject: Re: [AH] Best Modular Company?
> One good thing about the Doepfer/Analogue Systems/Blacet/Paia
> systems is
> that you can mix and match pretty freely (if you're a little
> savvy about
> power requirements -- not too hard to figure out). If you're
> looking to ease
> your way into a system without dropping a wad of cash up
> front, this is
> definitely the way to go.

You can, in fact, add Wiard to that list -- the control and output specs
were made to match the above, as well as the 2600, Roland modulars and the
Aries systems (which we have a bunch of...).

Darwin Grosse