Re: kraftwerk synths??????

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<< I believe by the time they got to "The Mix" they were using almost only
 own hand made gear.   Something you could never hope to reproduce.  I know
 that early on before they built their stuff they used all your famous stuff
 like the memorymoog and arp's and all that.

Actually - much of the gear these days is not probably not "home-made" but
more likely digital/sampler based etc plus a lot of german/european gear like
doepfer, quasimidi, and waldorf....I don't think they still use the
Synclavier but it is possible......I've never heard of their use of a
memorymoog - this is what they most likely did use:
roland MC-8 (positive)
minimoog (positive)
arp odyssey (positive)
polymoog (positive)
EMS VSC3 - (speculative, but most likely)
EMS Vocoder (speculative...)
Sennheiser Vocoder (positive)
Korg PS3300 (speculative)
DX-7 (speculative, but most likely)
Synclavier (positive)
Fairlight (speculative)
Prophet-5 (on CW tour maybe album...)
Engineer-enhanced drums - metal to metal closed switch (wolfgang had
considerably more pads than karl at his "station!)
Vako Orchestron (positive)
other small moogs like micro, multi etc (speculative)
plus loads of other delays, flange, reverb, CV routing systems, mixers, 
extended MC-8 memories etc et etc.....