(amb) FS:IDM, Ambient, Trance, Techno, etc. CDs

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Sent Fri, Aug 30th 1996, 03:22

Shipping is $2 and I want to keep the shipping within US.

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia-Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves  KK     $8.00
Exquisite Corpse-Inner Light (PWOG offshoot)   KK                  $8.00
Le Syndicat-Macisto Fuzztanz                   Staaltape           $8.00
United Future Organization                     Talkin' Loud/Verve  $8.00 
United Future Organization-No Sound...         Talkin' Loud/Verve  $8.00
Bomb The Bass-Clear                            Quango              $8.00 
V/A-Transmission From The Planet Dog  (2 CDs)  Mammoth             $8.00
V/A-Feed Your Head   (Import)                  Planet Dog          $12.00
V/A-Total Trip Hop                             COA/Moonshine       $8.00
V/A-Trip Hop Test                              Moonshine           $8.00
V/A-Trip Hop Test Part Two                     Moonshine           $8.00
Society Burning-Entropy Lingua                 Re-constriction     $8.00
Collide-Beneath The Skin                       Re-constriction     $8.00
Freaky Chakra-Lowdown Motivator                Astralwerks         $8.00
Soul Oddity-Tone Capsule                       Astralwerks         $8.00
Skylab-#1                                      Astralwerks         $8.00
Unitone HiFi!-Rewound+Redubbed                 Incoming            $8.00
Sven Vath-Accident In Paradise                 WB/Eye-Q            $8.00
Sven Vath-L'Esperanza  (CDS)                   WB/Eye-Q            $4.00
Sven Vath-The Harlequin-The Robot And...       WB/Eye-Q            $8.00
Hedfunk-ST                                     Shadow              $8.00
Funki Porcini-Hed Phone Sex (Import)           Ninja Tune          $12.00               
DJ Krush-Meiso                                 Mo Wax/Ffrr         $8.00
Seefeel                                        Polyfusion          $8.00
808 State-Ex:el                                Tommy Boy           $8.00
777-System 7.3: Fire+Water (2 CDs)             Astralwerks         $11.00
V/A-Positiva Ambient Collection (Out O Print Import with Polygon Window,
Orb + more)                                    EMI                 $18.00
Lotus Chillout Vol 1 (Import-Strange&Mysterious Bootleg Type Thing From 
'92-'93)                                       Chill Factor        Best Offer
V/A-Chill Out Or Die America                   Rising High         $8.00
V/A-Recycle Or Die   (out of print)            Planet Earth/R H    $10.00               
V/A-Secret Life Of Trance 2 (2 CD import out of print)Rising High  $18.00
V/A-Rising High Trance Injection   (2 CDs)     Instinct/Rising High$11.00
V/A-Harthouse America A Taste Of Hard Trance   Moonshine/Eye Q     $8.00
V/A-Harthouse: Point Of No Return              American/Eye Q      $8.00

Steve Grant

"We explored the idea that we didn't want to control the circuits.
Whereas everyone
nowadays is obsessed with control-just the opposite of our approach."
Bebe Barron