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Sep 29th 1997, 19:54 chad_gould Re: Modulation footpedals
Oct 28th 1997, 20:30 chad_gould RE: So, Clavia is off-topic?! (was: Q Nord Modular)
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Nov 26th 1997, 17:04 chad_gould RE: More virtuosity, interfaces, Jan Hammer and more stuff
Mar 5th 1998, 21:07 chad_gould RE: DOEPFER
Apr 17th 1998, 18:02 chad_gould MMT8, PC1600X, Varese, Cars, synth recommendations
Apr 17th 1998, 22:50 chad_gould RE: PC1600X
May 14th 1998, 16:31 chad_gould RE: name that VCO/VCF game
Jun 23rd 1998, 04:16 chad_gould RE: HEAVY METAL THUNDER
Jun 30th 1998, 17:25 chad_gould RE: mc505 was teebee
Jul 7th 1998, 19:30 chad_gould Studio Items FS
Jul 8th 1998, 17:18 chad_gould Studio FS update and Jomox discussion...
Aug 6th 1998, 21:41 chad_gould RE: analogue drum machines
Aug 7th 1998, 19:30 chad_gould RE: pulse ckt cfg
Aug 14th 1998, 17:04 chad_gould RE: hw sequencer poll
Oct 2nd 1998, 17:08 chad_gould RE: [AH] Theme song for AH World Expo '99
Oct 5th 1998, 18:28 chad_gould [AH] RE: Simple?
Oct 30th 1998, 18:48 chad_gould [AH] RE: Live PA's - gear lists..
Nov 2nd 1998, 16:25 chad_gould [AH] RE: live PAs.
Nov 6th 1998, 17:34 chad_gould [AH] RE: You get what you pay for - End the Jomox debate!!
Nov 13th 1998, 23:48 chad_gould RE: [AH] MKS-80 version opi
Jan 10th 1999, 01:44 chad_gould RE: [AH] THE COMING OF AN AGE
Jan 16th 1999, 18:23 chad_gould RE: [AH] Gear List
Jan 19th 1999, 10:10 chad_gould [AH] RE: analogue V1 #3145
Feb 8th 1999, 01:04 chad_gould RE: [AH] Regelwerk and the Fenix
Feb 8th 1999, 18:57 chad_gould Re: [AH] Re:808 for a 777/ Random Rips....
Apr 21st 1999, 05:09 chad_gould [AH] Music stores in San Jose / San Fran area
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Jun 5th 1999, 20:23 chad_gould Re: [AH] "Real" Instrument Emulation/virtual analog
Jun 16th 1999, 15:24 chad_gould RE: [AH] Midi-CV Synth converters
Jun 23rd 1999, 15:26 chad_gould Re: [AH] VCS-3 mp-3 file. Want to listen?