MKS-30 and others

From mikekent
Sent Fri, Feb 9th 1996, 00:12

>From: (Mike)
>Who out there has an MKS-30? The one I have is rack mount with a PG-200
>controller. It came with 4 memory cartridges. Who knows when this thing was
>Do the cartridges need batteries to keep them working? I was surprised that
>you could write to them. Also, it only has a midi in and a thru, does anyone
>know if it can be modified to send patch info?

The MKS-30 was introduced in 1994. My very first day as a Roland product
specialist I gave a demonstration introducing MKB-1000 controlling
MKS-80/MPG-80 (the programmer was a prototype with a different model number
that I can't remember), MKS-30/PG-200 , MKS-10. The guy I was travelling
with was showing the GR-700, guitar synth. TR-909 and MSQ-700 were added to
the setup later. In those days, "digital" was an exciting new feature and a
common buzz word.

I preferred the MKS-30 sound to the MKS-80 in many ways, looking back now I
can't figure out why.

Actually the guitar synth division designed the JX synths for guitar use
first. The synth in the GR-700 became the JX-3P and MKS-30. The synth in
the GR-77B became the JX-8P, and MKS-70.

Each cartridge (M-16C or M-64C) does have an internal battery.

>MKS-30...modified to send patch data?
Anything is possible, but probably not practical in this case. There's no
MIDI out, the OS would need to be rewritten, etc. I don't remember anyone
doing any mods of this type.


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