Re: [AH] back again. questions about Arp 2600 vs. die neue modulars...

From Malte Steiner
Sent Thu, Jan 4th 2007, 23:18

>  However, I do want to do things like wave-shaping [PPG-wave
> type stuff?] and more obscure filters, possibly a frequency shifter 
> [didn't someone reissue a Bode Frequency Shifter a few years back?]
hm, wavetable (not shaping) like PPG, frequency shifter and obscure
filters? Sound like my A100 Doepfer Modular. I chose 1 Highend and 1
normal oscillator, the digital sampling oscillator (who can ride through
wavetables), 48Db LP, HP and Wasp filters, Frequency shifter,
Audiodevider, 2 Mixer, 2 egs, 1 LFO, ringmodulator, digital noise, 2 vca
, cv vca, some multiples and external input, all in 6HE, gives plenty of
weiredness and to play with. Cant remember the price but I was thinking
about getting an EMS Synthy A (I worked with some in the 80s) but
thought it is not worth, I got more fun from this rig which was cheaper.


Malte Steiner
media art + development