Re: [AH] Favourite phaser?

From Thomas Strathmann
Sent Sat, Jan 25th 2014, 11:36

On 25.01.14 00:15, Kenny Balys wrote:
> I am looking at the Schippmann eurorack phaser, the Doepfer Vactrol one,
> the Juergen Haible Krautrock phaser from Mode Machines, etc.
> Had the Boss PH-2 I think it was called. Liked it.
> There seems to be a lot out there.
> Eurorack, pedal, etc. I don't care what format. What is your favourite
> phaser today?

I really like the MAM RS-3 (only available used though) for phaser type
effects. Has this nice old school sound to it and it does more than just
phasery sounds.