[AH] discrete vcos?

From Igor Medeiros
Sent Tue, Apr 15th 2008, 20:16

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i had a sh5 once. really like its vcos and filters, specially the BPF.
i was reading a page on net and found that jupiter 4 has vcos
"Ua726 transistor based like the system 100/700 SH5 and the Minimoog"
and someone wrote (i dont remember where on net) that sh5 vcos seems
more like system 100 vcos than a system 100m vcos:
what's the difference between their vcos? and which synths have discrete
vcos also?
and which ones uses ua726 transistors? are they expensive/rare parts?

i know that jupiter 6 sh101 and mc202 uses cem3340 vco...
usually for my cem/ssm needs i use
do you know other links about it?

hmmm i heard some demos from plan B model 15 that is an all-discrete vco
also and really like also.
and about modular vcos - which ones are all-discrete also?

thx in advance