Serge :)

From rmiller
Sent Sun, Apr 23rd 1995, 19:13

>From: "Marc Mcnulty (MUSIC)" <>
>Subject: Serge :)
>After I find a Sonic Six, then I will order a Serge.  The previous 
>messages about quality considerations with Doepfer have given me great
>analogue enlightenment.  The totem of the sine wave rested his hand on my 
>shoulder and "buzzed" in my ear, "serge... serge..."  I can't argue with that

Your Sine wave BUZZED in your ear?  Oh my!  :)  You'd better rush right out 
and get your Serge system now if your current systems Sine waves are 
distorting so badly! 

"Fade to scenes of violence, like a TV screen but silent,
where the victims are all paid by the hour."
- Gary Numan