Re: Poly Midi-CV

From Mark Pulver
Sent Wed, Sep 3rd 1997, 15:36

>As the original post was about truly polyphonic converters, I can say
>Doepfer can do it, maybe the Pro4 can, certainly not the Pro2 or 2000. All
>the other converters I have no experience of.

While I haven't tried a Kenton Pro4 with a bank of SEMs, I can tell you
that a) I know that one channel of a Pro4 can happily drive one SEM, b) a
buddy has setup a 4 voice for a customer with a Pro4 in command, and c) my
Pro4 is very happy driving multiple modulars as a large polysynth.

I will have a Oberheim "3 voice" in the next couple of weeks to be sure of
this, but I think that I can make a flying leap of faith and say that a
Pro4 will have no probs driving a 4 voice polyphonically.


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