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From Nicholas Keller
Sent Fri, Jan 9th 2015, 21:25

I like it too.  Cheaper than the uScale, but also fewer features yet wider. =
 I'd like to have a quantizer that has a user scale, but I'd want it to have=
 a Transpose Input.  All I have now are Doepfer A-156s.  I might get one of t=
he Barton writable quantizers, but it doesn't come with a panel and the inte=
rface is completely different. =20


> On Jan 9, 2015, at 2:33 PM, florian anwander <> wr=
> I am not related, but I like it (from the maker of the LXR drum machine)
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> We are proud to announce our next DIY kit, the Penrose quantizer.
> Penrose is a small DIY quantizer module for the eurorack format.
> It comes as a complete kit including all parts necessary to build it.
> *Features*
> Small and compact
> User selectable scales
> Generates a gate signal on pitch changes
> can be triggered externally
> *Specs*
> Current draw: +12V 60mA | -12V 2.5mA
> Width: 6HP Depth: 40mm
> CV input voltage: 0-10V
> CV output voltage: 0-10V
> For more details check out the Sonic Potions website: