[AH] FS: Boss RPS-10 Pitchshift, Delay

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sat, Mar 8th 2008, 17:28


I am selling a "Boss RPS-10 Pitchshifter Delay". It requires a regulated 
  9V powersupply (wall wart). I can provide the correct cable, so you 
can modify any Walwart.

Features: The delay and the pitchshifter have reverse functions. The 
pitchshifter can follow an external audio signal. With this you can 
control it from a modular system with the output of a VCO over two 
octaves. The delay has a hold function (by footswitch).

I am selling it, because I have the stomp pedal version of it (the PS2) 
and an MXR pitch transposer. So the RPS-10 is too much.

I am asking 80 Euros plus shipping. I will be shipping all over the 
world. payment either by european bank transfer (prefered) or by paypal.

Best regards, Florian