Re: MAQ-16/3

From dacc
Sent Thu, Oct 19th 1995, 08:54

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, taylor808 wrote:

> where is the best place to find a Doefpler MAQ-16/3 sequencer? and how 
> much should i pay? my friend dietrich is going to get me one in germany 
> in december.. our other friend just bought two there for $800... is there 
> a better way to go?

You can buy them directly from Doepfer in the USA now. Give them a call 
at 402-894-0384. The direct price for the MAQ16/3 with the V3.0 upgrade 
(which includes the CV/gate capabilities) is $895. If what your friend 
got was the earlier V.2 revision, they can also upgrade those via Doepfer 
USA for $210.

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