Re: [AH] Korg PS3200 Power & keyboard cables Needed

From Tony Clark
Sent Fri, Jan 28th 2000, 17:25

> I just picked up a Korg PS3200 programmable
> synthesizer and I need to find the power cable and the
> keyboard interface cable.


   Great find!  However, I don't know where you'll be able to get those.  
You might have to make one.

> 2. are there any known problems that occur with this
> synth?

   I've been told most PS-3x00's suffer from card connector 
disintegration.  If you are experiencing troubles, take a look at the 
card connectors and inspect them for stress fractures/cracks.
   Also, there are quite a number of extremely hard to find circuits in 
the synth, including the top-divider chips for the VCO's and some other 
wierd discrete circuitry.

> 3. are ther any midi kits for this thing?

   There is _A_ MIDI kit.  Kenton makes one to handle the whole PS-3x00 
range.  At last I knew, a whole 4 to 5 kits had been sold, including the 
one I used on my PS-3100.  The kit was made to fit in a PS-3300 and 
needed major modifications to get into my PS-3100.  Since the 3200 is 
bigger, it might fit better, but all I can say is that it was a nightmare 

> I took the front & back panels off and everything
> seems fine inside.

   That's a good sign.  ;)

   Good luck with it!


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