[AH] The Faint interview- mentioning Doepfer, Asol, Sherman, Studio Elec

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Although I have not had time to add it to my site yet I have
uploaded the text version (Real Text File) to our FTP. If anyone
can't open the file and wants me to paste it in an email let me know.

This is an interview that I arranged with Joel Peterson of the Faint
by fellow AH listmember F.A.S. Truhan III. The Faint is a fairly popular band from Omaha, Nebraska connected with the Saddle Creek records scene.

Link to interview here: http://www.analoguehaven.com/thefaint.rtf

For more info about The Faint and what they've released you may
visit their site http://www.thefaint.com/news/ or their record
label's site http://saddle-creek.com/ , or if you don't care and
want to play games instead you can go to

Mentioned in the interview are Doepfer, Analogue Solutions, Sherman,
Studio Electronics and other boutique manufacturers. This interview
is about the gear *and* the music.

Thank you,

Shawn Cleary

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