Re: [AH] how to trigger korg mono/poly with mc-202?

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sun, Jul 20th 2008, 13:13

Hallo Danjel

> Just got my mono/poly and I am loving it so far!
> Now I just need to find a way to trigger it so it syncs to a midi beat.
> I would especially like to get the arpegio trigger in working.
The arpeggio trigger in of the Mono/Poly is a so called "switched 
trigger" input. To trigger it from a gate-out you need an adaptor like this:

Then you can trigger it by any analogue trigger/gate source.

I would recommend a MIDI-Clock to trigger converter like something like 
SBX-10, Mungo-Sync2, Doepfer MSY-2 or a DIY-solution like
with a simple clock divider like this: