Re: Sequencer Info

From dacc
Sent Tue, Sep 2nd 1997, 08:10

At 19:16 1/9/1997 -0500, William C. Eunice wrote:
>I guess the best way to phrase this is "What most inspires you about the
>sequencer you use." (500 word minimum enter as many times as you like)
>and another question I have is what the heck, other than the MIDI-CV kit I
>have yet to assemble, can I sequence my Yamaha CS-15 with?

CS-15, hm? Uses the Hz/V CVs and negative-going triggers. The two
sequencers that come immediately to mind here are the Doepfer MAQ 16/3,
which in the latest revision can send MIDI and CV (although I'm not wholly
sure if it'll send _that_) and can be MIDI-controlled to do some very odd
things. But the other is one that I know is a direct match for the Yamaha:
the Korg SQ-10. This is the analog sequencer that matches with the
MS-series synths, and although it can be hard to find, it does work exactly
with the sort of controls the CS-15 has. It's a traditional analog
sequencer, similar to the Moog 960, etc.

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