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>Okay, if you were me, what whould you buy? I want a classic, pattern  based
>analogue at a good price. I'm thinking new but will go used if I can find one.
>The only one I think is close is the Doepfer (but only 8 steps) as far as
>features. Am I missing something obvious?

We are now selling 8 step CV and Gate sequencers with built in 8 step
trigger sequencer (like Doepfer A161).
16 step versions coming very soon. We also will be selling master clock
with dividers and also Fill In module.


Tom Carpenter @ analogue soultions

***New for end of 98: Analogue Percussion Modular + Superior analogue
sequencing - TR808 and TR909 analogue voice modules to fit in Doepfer rack.                 (anything analogue)         (martial arts supplies)     (LED digital watches)

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I am looking for a record or distribution deal for my electronic music
(Kraftwerk/Auhtechre/Aphex/whatever); If anyone out there could suggest any
relevant record labels or distributors, or ideally if you own a
label/distribution co., or can personally pass on my promo CD's please let
me know!