[AH] Thumbs up, Livewire FrequenSteiner

From royce
Sent Thu, May 3rd 2007, 15:43

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Hi folks,
I know most of you probably have already used some version of the Steiner filter, but I've been really impressed by the Livewire version. I don't know how it compares to the original, but on its own it has a great sound, especially the bandpass filter.
The circuit seems very small and simple to my untrained eye, but the sound is impressive.Very odd interrelationships between signal level and resonance occur that are fun for moaning beached whale sounds. At low levels of resonance the filter has a nice crunchy frosted flakes quality. I've been using in a system100/doepfer/modcan hybrid system and it has been a hoot. 
The knobs are where they should be and the cv control is adequate for me. I think that spacing out the knobs is a good idea, and is superior to the original doepfer faceplate design, although significantly more expensive in terms of real estate and probably price too.


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