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> 4. Did Roland ever produce modular gear?
>    Does anyone know any types, prices or specs?
> There's System 700 and System 100, very large modular synths.

Well not really.  The 700 is a large modular built in "banks" which were 
purchased separately.  The 100 is a rather small synth which is patchable 
but not really a modular.  The 100M was sold by modules and to my 
knowledge was never sold is complete kits.  You should check out the 
beautiful ads in Music Machines under Roland.

> 9. What's the difference between the X0X and the X2X series of 
> drums?
>    Is the X2X series perhaps the opposite of analog? (Didn't want 
> to say
>    that word again before I offend someone.)
> The X2X are newer sample based drummachines, but 707 and 505 are 
> also digital.

Hmm.  A little off again.  The 626 is actually an extended 505 (extended 
meaning with more sounds) and both are digital (unlike the very different 
606 which is like a cut down 808 in my book).  The 727 is the latin 
accompanyment drum machine to the 707, again both are digital.  The 808 
and 909 are the well known analog machines along with the smaller 606 
which is the drum partner to the 303.  Remember the 727 has no kick or 
snare.  It just had latin rhythm instruments but I like it the best out 
of the digital TR's.

1. Are the Boss DR-110 and DR-55 analog ?
   Are they the weally, weally, weally cheap sounding drummachines?

Yes.  Cheesy to the max and analog to boot.

2. Is the sequencer of the Roland MC-202 analog?

No the sequencer is digital but the synth is analog.  In fact I think all 
the sequencers in the X0X boxes are digital and the CR's too.  I'm 
probably wrong though.

3. What's the difference between the Roland CR-8000 and the CR-78?
   Where should I put them in comparison to the TR-series? How's the
   bazzzzzz? What does CR stand for?

You should put them below the 808 and 909 but maybe the same level as the 
606 because the sounds are not tunable like on the 909 and 808.  I 
wouldn't compare the 8000 and the 78 to the other TR's because all the 
others are digital.  I would pay more for the 606 though because it is a 
billion times easier to program than the 8000 and 78, but the 8000 and 
78 do sound awesome to my ear.  I love my 78!

5. Is there any import-house in Europe which sells PAIA gear?

I don't think so but you can order PAIA from anywhere in the world, 

7. Do other companies besides Roland sell schems of old analogies?

Why BUY schematics when there are plenty of people on the net happy to 
copy and mail for cheap.

12. Where does SH stand for? (Like in Roland SH-...)

Synthesizer.  I have no idea why they they chose "SH" but that's what it 

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