Re: [AH] modular: where to start? -- Anyone want to rank some manufactur

From steve
Sent Tue, Sep 30th 2008, 21:21

I don't think this will be meaningful unfortunately David, after lot =20
of research and hands on experience this year I've found it really =20
does come to down to module vs module.

There is a good comparison of recent Oscillators out there on Electro-=20=

music by Per Wikstr=F6m (can't find the link right now).

Things have got a lot more interesting now Doepfer are not the only =20
game in town. There are lots of people out there who built big =20
Doepfer systems before the new contenders came along. they spent a =20
lot of money, they are pretty loyal ;).

The sound of Doepfer oscillators and filters put me off a eurorack =20
system for a long time but there is a lot more character out there now.


On 30 Sep 2008, at 20:04, david l wrote:

> I'm kind of in the same position as Matt's previous post (sadly =20
> minus the
> EML-101 and the MS-20). I'm at the opening stages of building/=20
> assembling a
> modular system and I was wondering, if people wouldn't also mind =20
> stating (or
> ranking) manufactures in the area of quality and cost =20
> effectiveness. I know
> this can vary from module to module but perhaps people would be =20
> interested
> in ranking manufacturer's (we could try a 1-5 Likert Scale, five =20
> being the
> best, one the worst). For example, one might say that the price
> effectiveness (i.e. cheapness) of Doepfer modules is 4.5 out of 5 and
> quality of sound and construction is 3.5 out of 5. I know this =20
> isn't the
> most scientific method but it may help fill some knowledge gaps.
> I don't want to trash any body's products (especially those on this =20=

> list),
> but such info would be helpful to us modular newbies. I know this =20
> is all
> subjective but I'm interested anyway. Thanks for your time and =20
> bandwidth
> everyone!
> David