[AH] What I do on Saturday (warning x0x!)

From mpgoins
Sent Sat, Mar 25th 2000, 19:21

I had to do some work on the 303 and the 909.  As I had the some of the
equipment out of the Rig, I couldn't resist playing.

I'm currently having a problem with the 909's TRIG OUT.  No signal.  I need
to go in and trace some stuff.

Fortunately, I had a Doepfer  MAUSI handy.  909's midi out to MAUSI, MAUSI's
sync out to 303, MAUSI's gate out to 101's trig in.  I triggered the 101 by
programming the 909's external instrument sequencer to send note signals to
the MAUSI, which then sent gate signals to the 101 to advance the arp.
Loads of fun!

Side note, don't leave 1/8" jacks plugged in all the time.  The 2 way
contact in one of the 1/8" jacks I have for external gate/cv for the 303
wouldn't reconnect when the jack was removed, rendering the internal
sequencer useless until I opened it up and fixed.