Re: [AH] more doepfer q's

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, May 17th 1999, 17:47

James Husted (08:12 AM 5/17/99) wrote:

 >I'm going to get some custom portable
 >cases made for my doefer expansion ad was planning on using some power
 >supplys from some old computers I have laying around. They have  200wats of
 >+/-12 and +/-5 (thats total watts of course) plenty of juice for the Synth.
 >I'll just remote the PS in a box on the flor so the fan noise is subdued.

Those would be switching supplies, right?

Are this viable to use in this gear? I guess I always figured that a good 
linear supply would be better...

Kevin? Juergen? (any of the) Paul's?