[AH] Questions for Future Retro XS owners

From Jason Price
Sent Mon, Jun 23rd 2008, 22:04

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My first question may seem a little strange, but it is something I would
like to know about the XS before purchasing. Are the knobs "loose" feeling,
or tight? And by that I don't mean "wobbly" loose. I mean when you rotate a
knob, does it turn quickly and easily or does it feel like it has some
resistance (i.e. tight).

For example: the knobs on a MoogerFooger or an LP are very loose and turn
easily. I like that. Better for tweaking :)
The knobs on the few Doepfer modules I've played with were very tight, so
its not easy to do a really quick filter sweep by grabbing the knob. Don't
care for that.

So how about the FR-XS?

Also, does anyone have links to sound sample of the XS that are more mellow
in nature? It seems like it is easy to overdrive the filter section, and I
hear that in a lot of the demos so far. I'm just wondering if it can "play
nice" too, or is it all over the top sounding like that.