Re: [AH] MAM VF11

From ndkent
Sent Thu, Mar 23rd 2000, 11:59

> Thanks for the info Mike.  
> I'm not that familiar with MAM's gear, how's the construction quality?  
> I guess it's the only option out there these days...  

well there is the Seekers

a lower end Paia kit

and then Doepfer modules which fully configured is much more costly 

and the EMS VOCODER 2000 is still manufactured (1050 U.K. pounds)

then you have a bunch of digital units with varrying quality

>  Folks talk 
> about using the SE-50/SE-70 vocoder effect; the Nord MicroModular makes for 
> a neat effects box - including a vocoder; there's an Electrix box...

be warned, the vocoder sounds in the easier to find and cheaper SE-50
are not the same as the SE-70, which are improved, so they are not
interchangable (the 70 has the 50 algorithm AFAIK in addition to a
better implementation)... but we are getting into digital units here
with all of the above

the digitech talker pedal

a number of bigger digital synths and multi effects units throw one in
(and of course the sound varries)  

nick kent