Re: Doepfer

From Mark Pulver
Sent Fri, May 8th 1998, 17:40

Ryan Harris (10:19 AM 5/8/98) wrote:

>What can you guys tell me about Doepfer?  What do they offer?  I have had 
>no luck getting on their web page.  

Great stuff, great variety of products, check the archives for more info,
great prices, check the archives, single importer in the US - there's a
wait time, check the archives, custom configurations are no problem,

There are a couple of Doepfer owners on the list, you'll probably hear
fromt hem as well, or you could, umm, check the archives.

The Doepfer URL is:

Enport took their site down as of 5/1/98, that was the "doepferusa" URL.

The AH archives are at:

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