Re: [AH] Problem with Oberheim Matrix 6R: DIfferent voices tuned slightl

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Thanks.  I'll try these things out.  The shop has a pretty good rep --
one of the techs worked for Roland in the early 80's in Japan in their
repair department [his initials were on the inside of my 100M] -- it's
the only one around here that I know of (in NYC!).  Anyone know of any
very good synth repair places in NYC area (I have no car, so must be


On 4/10/08, Dave Garfield <> wrote:
> Ahh, Thank You, Tim!
>  Quite right about the CALIBRATION function!  And thanks for the compliment about "useful information" - I'm not usually known for that.  ;->
>  Well Robert - Armed thusly with all this info., you should have a pretty good handle on the thing by now.
>  Thanks again, Tim.  That was an important point that I overlooked.
>  Oh -- ditto for the repair shop.  (BTW, was the memory back-up battery ever replaced?)
>  Your Humble Servant,
>  Dave Garfie, now with "CALIBRATE" function!
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>  On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 8:23 AM, [Saw][Sine][Pulse] <>
>  wrote:
>  > I just got my Matrix 6R back from the shop -- somehow the Matrix got
>  > hosed and all the voices were trashed.  The repair shop downloaded and
>  > installed the original voices -- and cleand the unit out, etc.
>  > Probably stuff I could have done myself, but I didn't know what was
> > wrong with it until I took it in...
>  Hey Robert,
>  Dave's post has a lot of useful info, but I want to add one thing: I ended
>  up running the Calibrate routine three or four times before it really got
>  all my filters tracking properly (I noticed that some voices were darker
>  than others - watch those little voice assign lights in the display, as they
>  can help you see if the problem is with a specific voice). Each time the
>  problem got a little better, almost like each run of the Calibration routine
>  built on the results of the previous one. It sounds a teeny bit crazy, but
>  running Cal three or four times finally got everything in tune and sounding
>  happy.
>  Note the my problem was with the VCFs and not the oscillators, but the
>  tuning on the M6 is actually handled by a micro, so the calibration SHOULD
>  fix the problem for you. I would still check for proplerly seated cables,
>  connectors and 3396 voice chips.
>  I probably wouldn't send any more work to that shop, either.
>  Tim (always sounds a teeny bit crazy) Servo
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