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At 11:32 02/02/96 MET, you wrote:
>Just saw an advert in a mainstream French style mag for Advance,
>available at all good branches of FNAC (Equivalent to
>HMV/Virgin/Tower). They're really plugging this one.
>But the interesting bit was an offer that if you bought the old LFO
>album, or any of the Warp catalog, you got a free limited addition
>10-track CD.
>It seemed to imply that there was warp material on the CD - Anyone
>out there know what the fuck this CD could be? (Drool, drool,
>slobber, slobber) Greg? (The man in the know)

This will be the PIAS promotional CD.

::: CD
::: 01 Red Snapper: In Deep
    02 Aphex Twin: Pancake Lizard
    03 N.O.W.: Pipes Honour
    04 F.U.S.E: Train Tracs
    05 Autechre: Second Scepe
    06 Elektroids: Kilohertz
    07 LFO: Tied Up
    08 Seefeel: Fracture
    09 Sabre Of Paradise: Tow Truck (Chemical bros. Mix)
    10 Polygon Window: Quoth

AFAIK it is available ONLY in the benelux countries.

On Now: CiM _B-Spline_


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