[AH] FS: Effects Dynacord DDL-15, Vestakaza Dig-420, Digitech TSR-12

From Florian Anwander
Sent Sat, Feb 16th 2008, 19:52

Hello everybody,

I am exchanging some of my delay effects, so these have to go:

Dynacord DDL-15. Very smooth sounding, classic BBD based delay with LFO 
modulation; adding cv control should be possible, but I never did it. 
Price: 50 Euros

VestaKaza DIG-420. Very crazy digital delay. Delaytimes from 5ms to 
1024ms. With "multi" sampling, dubbing, and finally 1V/Oct CV and Gate 
(!!!) for triggering and tuning the samples and realtime control of the 
This beast can do karplus strong synthesis with analogue modular synths! 
Soundwise teh DIG-420 is not a technical clean digital delay, but more 
closer to a tape echo.
This is a crude echo machine with its own noise, sometimes I think it is 
living animal and sometimes it has its own will. It is hard for me to 
let go this one, but I meanwhile have Doepfer modules which can do 
similar things (though they do not sound that weird). Price: 150 Euros

Digitech TSR-12 classic 24Bit multi effect with very nice reverbs and 
great modulation effects (I am selling this one, because I bought a 
TSR-24 some days ago). Price: 80 Euros.

To avoid payment difficulties I am selling these only if the payment is 
done by european banktransfer (BIC/IBAN). If overseas bidders are able 
to pay somehow this way, I will ship to other countries too.

Shipping costs will depend on the destination. I am shipping from 
Munich, Germany with DHL (Deutsche Post).

I have 100% feedback on ebay (seller is flanwan), and some good feedback 
at Analogue Heaven.