[AH] UPDATE [FS] In NYC - combo organs, PAIA etc etc

From Tim Lee
Sent Mon, Jun 23rd 2008, 18:29

Ace Tone Fenix Top 3 combo organ. Tatty and two keys sound weaker on some
tab settings - $100.
PAIA Organtua. Pretty good shape and seems to be working fine although the
output level has always been on the low side - $150.
Deltalab DL4 vintage digital delay. LOADS of fun. CV in and out. Great shap=
- $200.
Hammond Solovox. Two units & one keyboard. Spares or repairs - $50.

Doepfer A-188-1 BBD module with 4096 stage MN3005. Basically unused - SOLD
Dot Com logo panel - SOLD
Dot Com multiple - SOLD
CGS Psycho LFO very nice blank panel in Blacet format - SOLD
Roland Juno 106. One voice chip need replacing and 4 keys not working -

I also have some other stuff for sale:

Bryston 1B Hi Fi pre
DBX 128
Fostex VC8
Kelsey DMI vintage 20ch mixing board
Mac G5
MCI JH800 vintage mixing boards
Moog Ring Modulator pedal
Motu PCI Card
Russo Phono pre
Tascam FW1884
TL Audio Tube EQ with vintage tubes

Feel free to make me an offer if you think I=B9ve overpriced anything.