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From Josue Arias
Sent Fri, Dec 5th 2008, 23:22

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Hello friends,

I have to raise funds quickly, so I`m selling some jewels of mine:

-EMS Vocoder-2000. Very rare! One of the first models from the 70s. In very
good condition, fully working. I got it from the Uk synth museum. Previously
owned by Trevor Horn himself. Offers

-Roland Sytem-100 (not 100m), System 101 keyboard + system 102 Expander. One
of the best sounding synths, discrete electronics. Both in very good
condition. Offers

-Moog Micromoog synthesizer, near mint. 600 Euros OBO

-Waldor Microwave1 (V2) + Access programmer. This is the revision B, with
CEM3387 true analogue filters. Version 2 OS.Near mint condition, includes 7
sound cards. 700 Euros OBO

-Yamaha CS-30s. powerful monosynth with 2 VCOs, 2 multimode filters and
analog sequencer. 1000Euros OBO

-Neotek channelstrips: two channels racked in a 3U enclosure with phantom
power. Mic& line preamp and 3 band eq w/Hipass filter. 750 Euros OBO

- NTP 179-160 compressor/limiter. Very transparent, used in mastering
facilities. This is just the spare module, it needs 24V and enclosure. 600
Euros OBO

All items are located in Madrid (Spain), so I preffer to sell within EU, but
I`ll send worldwide.
All prices excluding shipping cost.
Payment by IBAN Bank transfer (no paypal this time).
I have a ton of references, just ask.

just email me to: redacted@example.com


Josue Arias.

photos here!: