[AH] Japanese Roland 100M Redux: Tech wants to switch power transformer

From Robert Anthony
Sent Mon, May 1st 2006, 00:31

I got a Roland 100m a couple of weeks ago.  Took it to the shop to be=20
vetted -- there's a tech at my shop who worked at Roland Japan, early=20
80's, so it's in good hands.

They (as always) want a lot of money for simple stuff -- cleaning,=20
calibration, replacing the modular cables (in the back) that didn't=20
come with the piece.  Hey -- that's how the shop makes it's money, I=20
know, but still, it hurts=85

The tech also suggested that we replace the Japanese power=20
supply/transformer with one that will run on US current.  Cost about=20
$120, parts and labor.

I'm not swimming in dough, but I listen to what this fellow says.

I've also gotten a lot of feedback from knowledgeable members of this=20
group that while it's OK to run a Japanese 100m on US wall current, in=20=

general it's a good idea to invest in a converter (the wall wort kind,=20=


Is it better to do what the tech suggested and switch the power=20
supply/transformer?  Issues with grounding, amp throughput, anything? =20=

Or is it kind of superfluous?

Conversely, if it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, is there any=20
reason to think it would be BAD to switch the power supply/transformer=20=

to one that runs on US voltages?